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Camouflage Art

Available for purchase are two original camouflage pieces painted by Aboriginal Artist Tarri Jayne. These unique designs are a contemporary and personalised twist on modern day Aboriginal Art, taking you back to the days of the children's book "magic eye". 

Rest neatly at the entrance of your contemporary style home, this piece makes for a great conversation starter. 


Camouflage art in the foyer of your business is perfect addition to your waiting bay, allowing clients time to challenge their creating thinking to help their waiting time fly by. 

Camouflage Series 

A grand and eye catching piece that consists of one camouflage Animal. The hand painted textured patterns are laired in two coats before the meticulous task of separating each and every pattern resulting in the unique and arcanus design. 

Available for purchase in shop 

Camouflage Art


I am Wurarr-Wurarr, a delicate piece with 12 dragonflies camouflaged within, scattering from the splendiferous rain as it delicately drizzled in towards the rainforest walls of Gimuy (Cairns)


Camouflaged dragonflies

For Sale

Camouflage dragonflies



12 dragonflies scattering along the creek bed,  they delicately dance, weaving past each other in an excited flutter trying to escape the tropical rain that is about to set in. 

This painting represents peace, beauty and an unspoken respect between dragonflies and the change in season. 

Commission Pieces 

If you are interested in purchasing a commission piece we have 3 styles to choose from:


1- Metallic Camouflage, 2- Sustainable Art and 3- Journey to Pebbly Bay!


Commission Piece Pricing

Starting at $250 for A4 size, acrylic on canvas- Option 3


Place your order, make a down payment and let us do the rest! 

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